Awards & Support



  • ACM Senior Member
  • UMass Lilly Fellow
  • NSF CAREER award
  • Nomination, ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award, University of Texas at Austin


  • Google Faculty Research Award
  • NSF grant CCF-1012195 ($550,000, PI): Reliable Performance for Modern Systems. Collaborative with Daniel Jimenez, UT-San Antonio / Texas A&M
  • NSF grant CCF-1144520 ($300,000, PI): Programming the Crowd
  • European Commission FP7-ICT (1.8 million Euros, co-PI and initiator of proposal): PROARTIS - PRObabilistic Analyzable Real-Time Systems. Collaborative with Fran Cazorla (BSC), Guillem Bernat (Rapitime), Tullio Varadanega (University of Padua), Liliana Cucu (INRIA), Benoit Triquet (Airbus).
  • NSF grant CCF-0910883 ($639,420, PI): PASS: Perpetually Available Software Systems, 8/1/2009 – 7/31/2013. Collaborative with Kathryn McKinley, UT-Austin and Michael Hicks, Univ. of Maryland.
  • Perpetually Available Software Systems ($315,000, PI), 11/1/2009 – 10/31/2012. The GigaScale Systems Research Center (funded by MARCO/DARPA).
  • NSF grant CNS-0615211 ($300K, PI): Probabilistically Correct Execution: Hardening Applications Against Error and Attack, September 2006
  • NSF grant CNS-0619337 ($350K, co-PI): Cluster Acquisition for Computational Research into Large Scale Data Rich Problems, August 2006
  • Intel Research Grant, $30,000, April 2006
  • Microsoft Research Gift, $30,000, September 2005
  • NSF CAREER CNS-0347339: Cooperative System Support for Robust High Performance ($471,145, PI), 6/1/04 – 5/31/10.